Sunday 11 May 2014

Easy Physics Experiments!

This is where you can find An Ordinary Life's EASY physics science experiments.

These experiments are safe and a great way to introduce science to young children, it is also for older children to experiment with at an easy level independently.


The Science of BUBBLES! - two different ways to make bubbles and learn a bit about the science of how they work...

Scientific Properties of Materials

Is it waterproof? - a fun and easy hands on science project


How do clouds rain? - One of those many questions children ask and you (well certainly I used to) get stuck on trying to explain.  Then I discovered this little experiment!


Spool cars - Make your own spool car...


Marshmallow towers!

Make a geodesic dome out of newspaper!



Feathers - This explains a bit more how feathers work and the different feather types.  It also contains a couple of quick experiments

How do wings work? - make your own aerofoil.Make a paper shooter  (particularly good for little people)

If you want to learn more about how birds fly, try this out: Learning about aerodynamics.


Kissing Balloons

Make your own hovercraft - one of the best make your own toys EVER!


Ping Pong ball science! - teaching more about Bernoulli's principle.

How to make a simple kite - that flies really well! 

Make a spinner - learn the basics about propellers.  Great for little and big hands.


Archimedes' Bath - This covers the maths and also how to make your own Archimedes' bath out of an old ice-cream tub.

Dancing Raisins
and beans. Teaches about density and buoyancy.


How to make a fresh egg float

Make a Lava Lamp - this is another fun way of explaining about density and buoyancy!

What is density?


Play dough circuits - a step by step of how it's done!

How to make Electroactive Slime

Learning about Light and colours

Chromatography - a fun experiment

Colourful ice experiment


An introduction to magnets - this contains explanations and experiments.

Make a magical bee toy
- showing how magnets work to small people

Magically moving toy cars - another fun magnet game to try!

Extracting iron from your cereal - a very simple and quick experiment

How strong is a magnet?

Fishing with magnets

PERSISTENCE OF VISION - The science of Animation!

Thaumatrope - make your own simple toy to show about persistence of vision

Movie wheel - AKA the phenakistoscope


Magic Upside-down Glass of water


Tectonic Plates

Volcano experiment - A fun an easy experiment!  Make your own exploding volcano!

Volcanoes: Volcanic Rocks  - three yummy experiments to make sweets that show us how rocks take different forms.

Volcanoes: Magma Temperature

Volcanoes: Gas pressure

Volcanoes: Rising Magma



Vortex - Toroidal vortex in a glass - easy and interesting experiment.

Vortex - tornado in a jar - a really fun project for all ages.

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