Friday, 28 August 2015

Through Rain and Shine

What a lovely weekend!  Saturday was so beautiful. 

I am child free every Saturday afternoon.  At first it was the weirdest thing.  They're always with me so it was so odd to be apart from them.  Now, about 9 months later, I am getting used to it and actually enjoy, not just having adult only time, but to have me time.  Quietness.

I took some photos, the Sky ride in Ipswich was running right near me and I thought it a great opportunity to take photos, especially with all that Sun...

The girls came back happy from spending time with their dad and I felt like I had a bit more energy.  I think I've been a bit run down recently, but I'm beginning to feel better.

Sunday was my day to relax with the girls.  We were going to take a long stroll down the waterfront but Honi bumped into some of her friends so we landed at the local.  It's so nice in there mind you and the girls love that the pool table is free to play. 

I love my kids but it can get too much staying in all day at times, even on rainy days.  To be fair, I check the Met office and it said we were due rain in a couple of hours so I went out after missing the sunshine that day.  It turned out to be a lovely time out spent with my girls. 

Monday Honi was really poorly.  The house was pretty quiet.  Harmonie wanted to get out her workbooks.  There was also play dough and a model wooden car was painted and built.  Honi got adventurous with the glue gun but her invention didn't work.  This made her rather upset but she coped well considering she's my Honi.
Tuesday it still rained and we needed to get to town that afternoon.  Harmonie was desperate for a swim.  I love how confident she's become in the water!  It's so lovely to see her so happy.

Another rainy day in for us Wednesdau but not quite so exciting.  They weren't in the mood for much but Honi insisted on cleaning the carpets as did Chiara.  They did a good job of it too!  WE did pop out in the late afternoon.  It was nice to stretch the legs a bit.

Today wasn't so great when it came to getting out but had friends round.  This made my big girls happy but the little ones were climbing the walls.  Unfortunately, we had to wait in for the new TV, and by the time we were ready for a walk, it was pouring down with rain again.  Tomorrow I am getting up early and I plan on seizing the day!  WE will certainly be going out as it's Science Crazy Club. 

On another positive note, we did catch sight of a very beautiful rainbow!


  1. I enjoyed reading this post Lisa.
    Thanks for sharing your days with us.
    I love your chatty style and the way you learn something in each situation that you encounter.
    Hope you are having a great weekend x