Tuesday, 1 December 2015

One thing I REALLY love about home education...

So what is this one thing I love most about Home Education?


  • Flexibility with when we learn and when we play.
  • Flexibility of what we learn.

  • The flexibility to look deeper into a subject that sparks interest!
  • The flexibility to study topics at different levels allowing for family bonding time while learning!
  • The flexibility to stop when things get intense - after all my aim is to keep learning fun. 

Our Home Education Journey has been just that, a journey...
Changing to fit in with the way the girls are growing, new interests and always seeking the best ways to learn and when life changes the way we home educate changes too, but it's all good because the learning never ends.

My younger two are so very different to my older two.  Whilst I still believe that some structure is necessary in education, I also believe that forcing a child to learn something when they are adamant they don't want to is a completely pointless exercise. 

I seize those moments when they want to learn from their text books but I have also found that computer apps and educational TV as well as films have their place.  Although I have found that limiting TV time in my house helps with temperament in our house.

I do find that when the TV remote controls vanish (I wonder how that happens, ha) that creativity takes place, but I also see them use what I they have learnt from TV in their work, whether that's a technique in art or a fact they've learnt from educational programs, or that they will chose to do extra maths at the weekend, or learn some more French. 

Every night I read to my children, every night I sing songs, even do rounds, with the little ones. Every day I aim to teach them something new or allow them to discover the things we have been learning by themselves; playing with the ideas they have been taught about helps them to enjoy their learning experiences I find.

Of course there are the tough days, like when I am at the point when I feel like I am having a home ed wobble - I am yet again amazed when my younger two open their mouths to tell me some ridiculous fact that I've never heard of  like the time  Honi, my eight year old suddenly started telling us this fact about Diplodocus, she said how they actually ate more ferns than trees, well that's what paleontologists have discovered from their finds apparently! 

I love the fact that I can see that my children grown in a way that has nurtured their creative side and become independent people that have learnt to learn for themselves, with good morals and great friendships.  

I also love that when I'm busy with one little person one of my older girls will help teach the other little one.  Special bonding time.  

THERE are many moments when my children do not get on.  They are siblings after all, but I do see how much they love each other and their friendships blossom - moments of cuddles and kisses and the way they help each other.  For that I feel very blessed.


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