Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Butterfly Project

Last year, for us as a family, was occupied with so many things that we missed out on our Butterflies so this year we are doing a project on them.  

Our caterpillars will be arriving on Monday and my girls are really looking forward to it!  

Over the next few weeks, starting Monday, I will be back to blogging every day:  I will update this blog with photos of the caterpillars and putting step by step instructions of the crafts and parts of the project we will doing along the way for the next few weeks.

We will be filling a scrapbook as we go through this project - there will be fun facts, activities and arts and crafts to try.

I will have a few free printable pdfs for anyone to use that's great for going into a scrapbook, if you fancy joining us on our learning adventures too!  If you want to know where we bought our butterflies from go to or

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  1. We did butterflies for the first time this year, my daughter loved it! Looking forward to seeing what you do.

    1. It's a special experience isn't it Sarah! Lovely to hear you'll be following our journey :)