Friday, 29 July 2016

The ButterFly Project - Painting caterpillars!

So everything got a bit exciting over the last few days!  Our Caterpillars turned into Chrysilade!  

So, we're on day...  Oops, I lost track but we are still doing our butterfly project - we did take a bit of a break to enjoy this lovely sunshine.  So, over the next few days, I will try and post some of the Butterfly project activities we've been doing.

First, here's a video of one of the caterpillars as we caught shedding its very last caterpillar skin...

The girls had a go at making Hama bead caterpillars and I thought of Lego Caterpillars too but that hasn't come into fruition.  However, today we had a lot of fun with making our own paint and making these lovely caterpillars...

So first of all here's how to make your own homemade paint!  Click on the photo below for step by step instructions...

To make your caterpillar...


Find a piece of paper at least A4 size 


Make a spread out hand-print by using a paintbrush to cover the hand in green paint. Get ready to make your hand-print by spreading out your fingers a bit so when you press your hand on the paper, so that they look like legs of a caterpillar (well sort of).

Do three green hand-prints, making sure to line up the 'legs' as you go to make the caterpillar body and legs - the True Legs and the Prolegs! 


With the other hand now, paint it red with a paintbrush.  With the fingers squished together but still facing the same way as the green printed 'legs'  make the head of your caterpillar.


We wanted ours to look like The Very Hungry Caterpillar so, to make the eyes I used pipe cleaners, I cut off a but of green Pipecleaner about 6cm long and a yellow piece about 8cm long.


Curl the green piece of pipecleaner like a snail shell, the twist one end of the yellow pipecleaner around the end of the green and then curl around the green until you have eyes.  Glue this to the painting with PVA glue.


Draw on the nose.

Then we used a blue pipecleaner, cut it in half, then bent the two pieces so they folded in two and twisted the ends.  We used PVA glue to stick it down.

You've finished!

This project was so fun and led to a discussion ab out the different parts of the Caterpillar body, especially about the Legs.  I have a Free Printable tomorrow, covering the anatomy of a caterpillar.  

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