Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Butterfly Project Day 7 - Words and things...

Yesterday, I awoke to my youngest two children beside my bed screaming their heads have fallen off!  

My first response was 'whose head has fallen off?' whilst wiping the sleepiness from my face.  

'The caterpillars!' they gasped, serious concern on their little faces! Still slightly in sleepyland myself, I then panicked...

'Their heads are fallen off!!!!  Does that mean they are turning into caterpillars early?!  Then I remembered that this is what caterpillars do when they grow bigger they shed their outer skin to allow for them to grow bigger, like snakes do!

Despite this being our second lot of caterpillars we were still surprised by how much they had grown in just a day, we were still reminding ourselves of the processes in the lifecycle of a butterfly!  

We decided, as it was a hot day and everyone was too hot to do very much at all we would have a game...

We played to see how many words we could make out of CATERPILLAR!

Not one for my 6 year old, but she still tried bless her.  Then it was off to the park to find the water fountains for us - this weather rarely lasts long in the UK so we're doing our best to enjoy it to the full!

Today we are making butterfly kites.  I will be posting that one out as a STEP by STEP how to make your own post next time!  Enjoy this beautiful sunshine people!


  1. Doing with with kids is so exciting for the mothers. I love the bonding between you and your daughters. This hand made kite looks fun to work with.

  2. its amazing how you are making your daughters learn new things..they must be very proud of you plus that butterfly kite idea is awesome.