Friday, 15 July 2016

Day 5 of the butterfly project - Caterpillar cake recipe!

So we waited in all day for a delivery which never came but we did get on with a little more of our butterfly project.  We made this yummy treat!

(My daughter Naomi drew on the leaves)

It's a caterpillar cake but this one is super chocolaty.  The cake is actually brownies which I made today and the recipe can be found here: Chewy Chocolate Brownies

We then sliced two 3cm slices of the Brownies when they were cooked, then simply melted some white chocolate and covered it and used raisins for the eyes and straws for extra decoration.

They loved it!

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  1. wow this caterpillar cake looks so cute. I must appreciate your hard work . You and your daughter are very creative, these leaves look so nice.