Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Day Three of the Butterfly Project - Fun facts about Butterfly Eggs

TWO days until our caterpillars arrive!  Today, To to into  the Scrapbook we started looking into butterfly egg facts and found these!

Facts we learnt about butterfly eggs:

They are not all round some are oval!

They come in different colours mostly white, green and yellow.

Female butterflies lay as many eggs as possible to give only a few of their eggs a chance of hatching a surviving!

When the female butterfly lays her eggs she secretes a special chemical which glues her eggs to the leaf of a plant that she has found suitable.  The female butterfly checks that the plant she's on is the right one by scratching the leaf with her feet and smelling the odour that comes from it and if's the correct plant she then lays her eggs.

If a butterfly lays 100 eggs how many do you think will survive?

The answer is 2.  Between the laying of eggs process to the becoming a butterfly there are a lot of dangers so most die before they have the chance to become 

Butterfly eggs come in different colours and  size - mostly yellow, green and whites, their shapes are round or oval shape!

Tomorrow I will be posting an arty Geometry project putting some
maths into our project with some fun!

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  1. This post is wonderful and informative. It is science crazy indeed. I had not known so many things about butterfly. Thank you for sharing all such valuable information with all of us.