Wednesday, 27 July 2016

STEP by STEP: How to make paint

This paint is easy to make and very safe for even tiny babies.

This is for a small amount of paint per colour, but if you are wanting lots of this paint just use more corn flour to boiling water ratio.


First you need a tablespoon of corn flour.

Add a teaspoon of food colouring - I use powdered food colouring because the colours are far richer than the liquid food colouring you get in the supermarket!

Mix a little water in the cornflour and food colouring mix bit by bit until it forms a thick paste.  

Now you will need boiling water - pour 100ml of boiling water into the paste you have made and whisk fast - If it needs more heat, you can transfer the liquid to a pan and heat it for a minute or two while whisking - as soon as you see it start to thicken remove it from the heat and keep whisking until it's smooth.


I try and keep little pots around the house for keeping the paint in, anything air tight will do.  I find this paint particularly good for printing projects; it's really good with projects like hand-printing and potato printing.


Science Fact:  Cornflour is a type of polymer.

When you add cold water to corn flour, the cornflour is unable to dissolve in the water, so all those tiny particles float about making the mix of the other cold water and the cornflour act both in the way of a liquid and a solid: a non-newtonian liquid.   This reaction changes when you add heat; as the heat increases so does the cornflour's solubility.  Once the corn flour has dissolved into the water, the mix will only act like a liquid.

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