Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Butterfly Project Day 8 - Kite flying!

It has been too hot to do very much apart from enjoying the sun and finding ways of cooling down so, yesterday, before we headed out on our adventures, we made some kites...

Only the younger two were very excited about this so we made simple kites in the end, still involving maths, creativity, reading skills and science.  They had so much fun with their designs but we only ended up with one butterfly kite: Honi wanted to make her's a kitten!

How well they flew!  Do you see how high my Honi's kite went?! She was a very happy girl indeed!

So off to the beach we went and how lovely it was to see them fly their kites so independently and full of excitement.  It's so much more lovely when you make your own kite too!

If you want to know how we made ours click on the photo of our butterfly kite above, and it will take you to the tutorial. 


  1. Suprised that mothers of today still teach and watch their kids fly kites. It got me reminiscing about my childhood and parents. Tims was good back then.

  2. what an amazing activity to keep the kids occupied. first they make their own kite and then they see to it how it pays off. i think this way the kids can also lear heavy lessons in life. great job

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