Saturday, 6 August 2016

Maths: Geometry - the magical chrysalis

This idea came when I was learning with my girls about butterflies. We did the egg and chick geometry at Easter a few years ago and this lead to my caterpillar geometry project and this butterfly geometry project.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!



Draw a circle with a radius of 5cm.

Do this using a compass and measuring out 5cm between the point of the compasss and the point of the pencil.

Once your circle is drawn, use your pencil to mark the centre point indented by the compass point. 


Draw a line, horizontally, using the centre point you marked out in STEP ONE.



Set the compass to 2cm and draw a smaller circle using the centre point of the larger circle. 



Find the perpendicular line using the compass set at 10cm and using the points I've marked as A and B on this photo...


Draw the perpendicular line all the way from where you make the cross to the bottom of the original circle we first made in STEP ONE.


Using freehand make it into a chrysalis shape like this...



Colour the smaller circle one colour, the outer part of the larger circle another colour, then the rest a third colour.



Cut out all the pieces and rearrange them to make a butterfly shape.


How many different butterfly shapes can you make? 


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