Friday, 26 January 2018

How to make a simple catapult with lolly pop sticks

I run Science Crazy Clubs in Ipswich and we've been having so much fun learning hands on.  I sometimes even share a few of the projects we do on the Science Crazy Blog. 

The last Science Crazy club was all about how catapults worked and so we made some fun catapults and had fun testing them.  The most recent blog I have shared on Science Crazy is this fun Catapult made from Lolly pop sticks and elastic bands!

The link to the instructions for how to make one yourself can be found by clicking on the photo.  All you'll need are lolly sticks and elastic bands and find something to propel... a marshmallow will do!  Do let me know how you got on if you try it - I love to hear from my readers!

This is my daughter playing with her own catapult.  I love to make our home education as hands on as possible as learning through play is the best way, especially through their younger years I think.


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