Some of the art projects we have been doing with tutorials...


Play dough recipe - this is the best one we've come across and love to use!

Things that can be made with play dough:

Getting creative with Play Dough

Play dough maps

Salt dough recipe - A recipe that can be used for many wonderful crafts!

Things that can be made with Salt dough:

Super Stretchy Play dough

Salt dough fossils

Art History and projects to go with...

Van Gogh's Flowers

Bronze Age Art - Luluna Necklaces

STEP by STEP how to make a Fresco

Ancient Greek style Theatre Masks

Anglo-Saxon Jewellery - Make your own bracelets and necklaces like the Anglo-Saxons

All year round projects

A simple Sheep - great for small hands

Chromatography butterflies

Animation movie - Honi's first animation movie

Beaded necklaces -  easy enough for little hands too

Bean bags - how to make your own!

Birdy puppets - These were made to sing the song: two little Dicky birds.  A cute and easy project.

Bubble wand - how to make your own bubble wand!

Mixing colours a fun way

Finger painting with less mess and a little bit of stamping too

Farm Collage - Great for little hands and learning about animals, colours and shapes too!

How to make art through tessellations (no maths)

Ice Marbles - A fun thing to do any time of the year!

Magic Drawings! - learning a bit about science through art

Marble butterflies

Mixing Paints

Mod Roc Masks

Name Art

Painting with crayons

Painting with science (using corn flour)

Painting with salt

Puffy paint! - Shaving foam recipe

Paper plate art idea for young children

Pizza Art

Portraits in oil pastels

Pop Art - Big (Mona Lisa)

Pop Art - Small (Mona Lisa)

Paper Plate animals - for the very young artist!

Toilet Roll Snake

Sculpture making for kids No chisel required only spoons!

Shadow puppet - a simple gingerbread man

Simple Paper bag puppet

Simple moving face puppet


Make and use your own loom!

Junk cushion - A different way to recycle your rubbish

Spring Projects

A Simple Sheep

Farm Collage

Paper Plate animals - for the very young artist!

Autumnal art projects

An Autumnal tree - suitable for very small hands.

Autumnal collage


Knitted Chickens

Pinecone bunny tutorial!  


Hanging decorations

Make a 6 pointed snowflake

How to make a simple Angel tree topper/ decoration

Make a snowman bauble

Christmas Lanterns - a little tissue paper and a glass jar is all you'll need.   Oh, and a Tea-light candle!

Tutorial: How to make Sparkly Baubles

Tutorial: How to make a 'Christmas Tree' tree decoration

Tutorial: How to make a Reindeer tree decoration

Make a snow flake - Science and art in one

How to make a sparkly snowflake picture with salt

Twinkly Star - another fun thing to hang on your tree!

Christmas Lanterns

St George's Day ideas

St George's Cross Flag Art idea

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