More challenging Maths activities

Here are some maths resources I've designed to keep maths fun.  I hope you have fun with them.  I will be adding to the list as time goes on.


Leap frog Maths!


Zoo Animal Fraction Game!
This is a little more challenging than the Lego Fraction game above.
I created it to make learning how to find fractions of numbers FUN for children!


Geometry How to draw regular polygons

How to draw a regular octagon

Make your own 3D shapes - Helps when teaching how many sides and corners, especially for visual learners.

How to draw a perpendicular line

A fun Geometry project based on eggs and birds, great for Easter time but fun any other time too.

Geotechnical engineering and angles - Where science and maths meet while having fun with Lego!


Tessellations in short

How to draw a simple tessellation  - remember all tessellations are maths

A more technical way of making tessellations

Handling and Interpreting data

Using sweets for interpreting data! - graphs, averages and percentages. You could even do ratios!

Venn Diagrams the fun way! Great for kinaesthetic learners in particular but one for introducing anyone to Venn diagrams I think.


Magical Maths- A fun bit of maths to try




How to work out how many days in each month - without having to remember that silly rhyme!

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