EASY science experiments

There are some great experiments in here but they are experiments suitable for any age which is why I have put them here as they are my easiest experiments. 

The reason I have set up this page is because some of my readers have asked me to make it clearer which experiments are for older children and which are for younger children.  I thought it would be better to set it up as easy experiments and harder experiments.

By easy, I mean safe for any age to do completely or mostly independently.

All children do things at different ages, some want to start young but if they are really interested in the world around them and how things work, these are my suggestions on how to introduce the subject to them...
  1. Play with each experiment.
  2. Explain what is happening when doing the experiments but don't expect children just to understand things straight away, this happens after a lot of repetition which children are happy with so long as it stays fun. 
  3. If children don't want to join in try something else, if it's not fun then they won't remember most likely anyway so never force something - with science I usually carry on and do it myself the first couple of time, I suppose I make out that I was doing it for me not them if they aren't interested at first, this soon increases their curiosity. 
  4. I would suggest before bringing your child in ready to do an experiment that you make sure you have everything you need and set it out in a way that the child can be as independent as possible.
  5. So long as it is safe to do so, allow children to play with what they are learning, for example, if you are doing some kitchen science and the children want to mix loads of safe ingredients together, let them.
I would suggest to think of it as a time of freely exploring science and repeating experiments and projects over and over again so long as it is fun.  While they are playing you can explain what it is they are doing, or what is happening and why bit by bit.  It is amazing how much they take in when you think they're not even listening.
Here are some of my most simple experiments that are safe to do with even with independent pre-schoolers, I have included how and why the experiments work the way they do - Click on the pictures to take to you to the type of experiments you want to try:



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  1. Nice share of easy to do experiments even by kids Lisa white! Thanks for sharing..