Simple Hands on Maths Activities

I have split my Maths activities and games into two sections, simpler hands on activities and more challenging ones.

I am always adding resources to An Ordinary Life but here's what I have so far...

Learning Maths with Lego...


How to make and play my Lego Fractions Game - Great to help child learn simple Fractions.


Lego Counting Game - A simple game to introduce numbers to children.

Lego Towers - A fun game to introduce adding and subtraction!

Other Hands on Maths activities and games...

Venn Diagrams the fun way! Great for kinaesthetic learners in particular but one for everyone I think.


Place Value Machine - another fun way to help little people understand Place values!

Counting in 5s!  - Jumping to learn maths in a kinaesthetic way



Make a maze - a very simple introduction to algorithms

Christmas Symmetry - 3 free downloads I made myself for girls


  1. Lego is also useful for teaching fractions. The clock is a good way to show use of factors. 12 may seem an odd number but it is much better than 10/decimal as there are more factors and therefore more ways of splitting up hours/minutes.

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