A Step by Step tutorial on how to make your own (non toxic) bath bombs!

Soda Snake - This is a really cool experiment!  It involves fire for starters and then, if you get it just right you get something that looks like this...

Copper Carbonate ( the formation of)

Copper plate your iron nails experiment - An easy experiment without the aide of electromagnets

Iodine clock - I take you through how to do this super cool experiment in this post.  Here is the You Tube Video to give you a taster...

Crystallisation - make your own snow flake!

Elephant Toothpaste (the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide) - Explosive experiment!

Exothermic reactions

Flame test

Paper Chromatography

Freeze the glow - another fun experiment learning about chemical reactions

Hydrogen - making hydrogen go pop!

Litmus Test - How to make your own litmus test

Ice marbles - Making ice marbles is a cool thing to try no matter what age you are!

Invisible Ink - 4 invisible ink experiments to try!


Iron - experiment and explanation into what happens when iron is heated

Copper - experimenting with heating copper

Magnesium - heating it up!


Polymers - make your own polymer - A fun experiment teaching kids to make their own plastic!

Slime - making and testing it

How to make a Glitter Gel

How to make Magnetic Putty  You have to try this one out! This is how well my magnetic putty works...

Food Science

Butter making - great for more on emulsions

Curdling milk

Corn Flour Slime

Diet Coke and Mentos experiment! Possibly the best explosion ever!


Fireworks in a glass!

How to make an egg bounce

Ice-cream - how to make your own!

Magic Milk - colourful milk experiment

Osmosis - using jelly sweets to learn about how osmosis works.

Painting with ice

Painting with salt

Play dough  - the science behind it.

Reversible changes - 3 simple experiment to help understand about reversible changes

Fizzing volcanoes

The science of making Gingerbread Men!

Science behind Making Marshmallows

Yeast:  The science behind yeast

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