Physics experiments


The Science of BUBBLES! - two different ways to make bubbles and learn a bit about the science of how they work...


Scientific Properties of Materials

Is it waterproof? - a fun and easy hands on science project


Insulation - The Hot Chocolate experiment - possible the most fun and yummiest experiment EVER!

photo credit: Things to do on a rainy day

Insulation and conduction - A simple easy and quick experiment safe for even the smallest hands to try!


Cloud in a bottle - learn how clouds are made by making one of your own!

How do clouds rain? - One of those many questions children ask and you (well certainly I used to) get stuck on trying to explain.  Then I discovered this little experiment!

How wind works

Potential ENERGY!

Lolly pop Chain reaction!  One of the most FUN experiments on here!  This is a step by step tutorial on how to make the cobra weave with all the scientific explanation to answer those questions your young person has to ask!

Watch the video to see how cool this project really is!

Spool cars - Make your own spool car...


Rising water experiment - More on vacuums!


Rocket science - Make your own rocket!

Diet coke and Mentos explosion! - possibly the most fun explosive action you can get at home!

Architecture and the science behind it...

Geotechnical engineering - learning about foundations of buildings...

Marshmallow towers!

How to Make a Geodesic dome out of Newspapers!

Skyscrapers! - The science of skyscrapers


Archimedes' Principle, buoyancy and density experiments - So far 6 experiments all on water...

Electricity - 9 different science projects to learn about electricity

Learning about Light and colours

Chromatography - a fun experiment

Colourful ice experiment

Light - making white light with glow sticks

Splitting Light - A fun mini project

Measuring the Speed of Light

Pinhole Camera - How to make your own - best on a very bright sunny day!

Rainbows - Facts (experiments to follow soon!)

More than 10 experiments on MAGNETS

PERSISTENCE OF VISION - The science of Animation!

Thaumatrope - make your own simple toy to show about persistence of vision

Movie wheel - AKA the phenakistoscope



Vortex Cannon - Make your own vortex cannon that creates smoke rings!

Vortex - Toroidal vortex in a glass - easy and interesting experiment.

Vortex - tornado in a jar - a really fun project for all ages.