Sunday 17 April 2011

Our music teacher and her 7 home educated children!

I just had to have a feature post about this woman.  Not only is she my children's music teacher, she has also taught me so much and her kindness and lessons have really bless my family in so many ways, so here is a bit about her.

Our music teacher, Rebekka Poffley
Someone who is such an inspiration that I just wanted to share a bit about what I know of her amazing life on here.  She has been married 25 years and has 7 beautiful children who have all been and are being home educated.  Her youngest I believe is 4 and her eldest is all grown up.  She doesn't really see it as home education, she always says that her and her family see it as 'life'.

Rebekka bikes everywhere and where she doesn't bike she takes public transport.  She has told us of many times of her stories of early morning sunrises and swimming in Felixstowe sea, even at this time of year!  Not something for me.  She's not only taught us music but how wool is spun and used to be spun, how to weave, how a mill is used to grind the grain for bread and many other crafts after a music session.

Something she has taught all of us as a family is something that will never leave us and that is music.  Her music classes lays a foundation that makes music fun and rewarding.  I often find my children love the way she teaches as she creates the most wonderful games and does mini concerts with them.  Most of the time my children often forget they are learning and that's the best way to teach I believe.  It's the method I try my best to take when teaching my girls anything.

Rebekka with her baby

Rebekka was trained in the Royal College and her love of music is simply infectious.  My eldest can now read and write basic music; my 6 year old I often find trying to earn a new piece of the recorder or glockenspiel or singing a new song, or simply practicing her scales and arpeggios;  my 3 year old, even though she rarely participates only sitting and listening, has learnt her c major scale and feels very proud of herself, she even attempts to try and play other tunes, never discouraged by their difficulty.

I would recommend her to anyone and always do.  Rebekka welcomes anyone to try a taster session for free at anytime of the year.  She simply loves to share the joy of music with others, full of encouragement.

If you would be interested in contacting her I have listed her link on my blog or you can get it from here.


  1. she sounds like a really neat lady.

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  2. She is so lovely :) Thanks for checking out my blog and following me too!