Tuesday 10 May 2011

HE Egg Drop!

Scientists creating their energy absorbing contraptions!

What a lovely day we had today.  At our HE meet up today we did the Egg drop experiment.  You may have done it before, or not, but basically the idea was to try and make a package that would protect an egg from cracking from a 1m drop. 

I mean if I'd had some older kids turn up I would have made the drop higher for fun and limited the materials they used but seeing as the eldest was 11 years old we used any old junk and just had fun with it. 

The 1 metre drop!

It was amazing to see all the different designs that people came up with, from parachutes to bubble wrap balls.  Three little people were absolutely thrilled that they managed to keep their egg whole one of them being my C and she was as proud as punch jumping up and down for joy.  N was so close as well, just a hairline crack.  She has decided that she wants to do it again to show daddy.

I think that was probably the most exciting way of showing children how to absorb energy.  Watching them open their packaging to see if their egg was still in one piece was a bit like watching them open up christmas presents they loved it so much!

Two of the unscratched eggs!
When we got home C and HB just wanted to play outside in the garden.  So with a happy baby H, N and I made lovely ginger and golden syrup puds with the eggs that had the little crack. oh, they were so yummy I didn't even have time to take a picture of them!

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