Wednesday 6 July 2011

Free French Resources!

After last nights late night adventures, we're having a slow easy going morning.  I've sat down with a strong black coffee, blueberries and a slice of homemade bakewell tart and started doing a bite of research into free french resources on line.

My eldest, C, loves learning languages and I'm always learning bits and pieces from here and there, but what really got me looking is a new friend, who has just started home educating asked me if I knew of any free resources.  Most of the stuff out there seems to be quite expensive but then I came across these links: - I've had a look on this site and it seems to be full of fun activities to interest children of any age into learning french, well worth a look! - This is another site aimed at children, I think a little older maybe but really good french reading practice.  It is aimed at the french speaking child and I think that's what makes this site appealing to the younger eye.  - this is a site I found which has ree french worksheets, crosswords and that kind of thing really. - This is my favourite french 'lesson' resource to be honest.  It seems to have all the vocabulary needed to gain confidence and understanding of the language.

Anyway, my coffee is nearly gone and I have a load of housework staring at me, so I better go and set the girls up with something interesting and get on.

Have a lovely day everyone!

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