Monday 22 August 2011

The Maritime Festival

On the way to the festival we walked past Thomas Wolsey's old house.  We're getting close to King Henry VIII and C has read, off her own back, quite a bit about the era so she was most inquisitive about it all.

 The Maritime Festival!


Daddy and Baby H!

I wish I had longer to watch these amazing people showing the skills people used to have all those years ago.

Showing us how rope was made.

People dancing the jive.  My girls loved watching that.

It was so warm today and remember the other week, when we tried on jackets like this,  I couldn't help wonder how they weren't fainting in the heat and how they used to cope all those years ago!

A war time plane

Winston Churchill posing for me!  Cigar in hand and a V for victory!

55,000 people went over the two days that the festival ran and I can honestly say it's the best day at the waterfront we've ever been to.  Another lovely day out, just to tired for too many words.  Hope you like the photos though.

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