Monday 1 August 2011

Science workshop HE meet up

Today was fun!  It all started a walk through the park.  It was the first time Baby H has properly walked through the park by herself today, she was so chuffed with herself!  She saw a little King Charles Spaniel on her travels and stopped pointed and said so clearly, "Doggy".  So cute!  Even the dogs owner thought so and let her stroke the dog.  I couldn't believe how gentle she was, not once did she pull at his fur, she just stoked and said ahh! lots.  I thought she was going to have a paddy when I told her we had to leave the doggy, but as soon as I said wave bye bye, she did and began toddling off.  I think it was the freedom of the park that helped.  Off we went to feed the ducks.  The girls loved that, although baby H didn't quite get the hang of throwing the bread in the pond but she loved watching them eating though.  We had a lovely quite picnic by the pond afterwards, before heading off to set up for the HE group.

Today's HE group

A bit of chromatography!

Hovercrafts!  One worked so well it jumped off the table and carried on across the floor.

The self inflating balloon!

Making Crazy putty...

We've made plastic that bounces and...


...and some fake snot!

Then the park for some lovely sunshine!

A great day.

Oh, thanks to everyone who joined us today and helped tidy up all that mess we made! Thanks to Colin too for showing how to do the experiments and teach us a bit about how they work!

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