Thursday 3 November 2011

Learning angles and time all at once!

N is beginning to learn about angles and, as a lot of kids seem to do, she keeps going back and forth with time so I thought of a really fun way of mixing the two 'lessons' as such.  I thought I'd share it here for anyone else who was interested

First I got N to draw out 4 circles on a piece of A4 paper.  We used a 360degree protractor to draw round.  This gave N plenty of practice on both measuring out angles and counting up in increments of 30, so there's a bit of multiplication and division involved too if you want.

Once this was done she was then able to write out an analog clock.  Then we mixed in a bit of fractions; on the first clock we divided it into half and then wrote past on one side and to on the other.  For the second clock she divided it into quarters with two labels, quarter to and quarter past.

On the third she wrote out all the 5 minute increments and for the last clock put all that she'd learnt from the first together on one clock.

The aim was that the 3rd clock helps her work out digital clocks and the 4th helps with analog.  We've it on the wall as a poster and I now have a 6 year who is happy to tackle those time problems in maths.
I hope it helps someone else out there benefits from this as well.

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