Sunday 6 November 2011

Tesselations in Maths

This is a brilliant way of using maths to create very cool and funky art!  we loved it I hope you enjoy it too.

Tessellations using Maths

Step one – draw an equilateral triangle using cardboard.  It is really important to ensure that all angles are exactly 60˚ angles otherwise the tessellation won’t work properly.
Step two – draw out a funky looking shape on one side of the triangle.  Something like this:

Then carefully cut it out.

Step Three – draw around your cut out shape, then rotate your template to do the inverse of the first shape so they will slot together like a puzzle when you draw out your tessellation.  It should look something like this:

Step four – So now we have one side left that needs shape.  On the last flat side measure out the half way (be sure to be accurate).  Now draw another groovy shape up to the half way point.  Again cut it out carefully.  (Don’t worry we’re nearly there!) It should look something like this:

Step five - draw round the new shape and rotate that half of the side on to the other half of the side to do the inverse of the shape, so that it slots together!  Like this:

Step six – Now you have your template you can make your tessellation but start in the middle of the page, as it tends to work best then.  If you can see something familiar in your shape like a duck, person, dog, cat or whatever, then use what you see to colour in your shapes a bit like my duck tessellation.

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