Friday 16 December 2011

Christmas Crafts and things...

I was awake before baby this morning, admittedly by HB shrieking with excitement at the snowfall she could see from her window, but it was past 9 O'clock so who was I to complain.  This bug is really taking it out of my baby, bless her.  I couldn't leave her in my bed though as I thought she'd fall out of bed if I did.  I am glad to say that HB isn't throwing up now and managed dry cereal and 2 slices of bread so far.  Hopefully we'll all be fit and well this weekend otherwise these 4 walls may start to feel as if they are closing in on me.

Last night my husband thought it would be a good idea to leave the snowman shaped pinata the two older girls had made on the floor.  Admittedly there is hardly any room left in our house to put anything these days but the floor with a 19 month baby was most definitely the wrong place as he learnt when Baby grabbed hold of the pinata and ripped the head off of him with a very proud smile on her face.  I could hardly be cross with her she was too small so my husband hid out of my way for a while in the bedroom while I cooled off.   I felt so sorry for the girls, they'd done so much of it all by themselves off their own back and fixing the head to the body yesterday was a little tricky.  I did feel sorry for him after a while though as I knew he hadn't meant it to happen so I went upstairs with a peace offering of cake - well they say food is the way to a man's heart.

This morning our very first mission was fix the snowman  he is now sitting in a bowl drying and I am praying he will stay together and dry super fast so the girls can paint him.  They are so proud of him (the snowman that is), it's really lovely.

I sat the girls down to this colouring competition even H joined in.  She's get much more involved with things now and understands so much these days.  We made this Reindeer decoration yesterday.  She loved me drawing round her foot and knew exactly how and where to stick everything.  It was so nice and quick to make that she didn't loose any attention the whole way through as well.  It was nice doing something new with her too.

We were really busy yesterday, H and I made a lovely Christmas wreath with her hand shape.  A friend of mine gave me the idea and it does look so pretty.

Baby's really miserable with this bug today.  She keeps nearly dropping off but not quite making it, even with the help of mummy's milk.  The 3 big ones are in the front room watching Miracle on 34th Street, the original of course.  So I'm off to do some baby entertaining now...  Oh, wow the pinata is almost dry and ready for painting!  They will be excited when I tell them.

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