Monday 5 December 2011

Christmas crafts - HE group

Wow what a lovely day.  Baby has just gone to sleep, all the birthday presents for C have been wrapped and I am able to have a bit of time to myself.

I can hardly believe I got through today so well after last night: I found myself knitting until twenty past one in the morning!  Knitting can become very addictive.  I think in the future I should set an alarm so I have some idea of the time!  I have nearly finished knitting a scarf I've been working on though.  I love the feeling of achievement it gives when I finish a piece of needlework.

It was so lovely having my hubby home with us today and our HE group meet up today was so lovely.  It was so lovely seeing the children being so creative.  They made snowflakes, angels, Christmas cards, tree ornaments.  There was painting and gluing cutting and sticking!  It was brilliant fun.  Some of the kids had already made their costumes or the nativity.  I wish I'd had my camera in hand at the time but in hindsight I'm pleased it will be left for the day of the nativity!

A new-to-home-educating family came today, the family that have been considering HE for the last few weeks.  They've taken the plunge and when they joined us today they were so encouraged, they hadn't realised that such things existed. I'm so excited for them on their new adventure.

It was so lovely hearing the children go through the script though.  It seemed to encourage all my three to want to memorise their lines.  I was hoping something would.

Anyway here are the few pictures I got today!  I will post how to make the snowflakes tomorrow...

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