Wednesday 15 February 2012

Changing a negative to a positive?

Yesterday in short was: pop art; card making; story writing; baby finding my knitting and undoing the lot; shopping for a present for hubby but finding 4 dresses for myself; finally finding a nice pressie for hubby; coffee shop (there was a 2 for 1 deal on for card holders so I treated the hubby); A bunch of my favourite flowers from hubby; An Indian takeaway and a film.

Today I feel so rough.  I'm not sure whether the Indian disagreed with me last night (they don't normally) or whether I've caught something (more plausible seeing as there is so much going round at the moment) but it's rather unpleasant and I'm hoping that the girls don't get it, or Kev for that matter.
What a kerfuffle it was in town yesterday.  I had to find something for my hubby for valentines, I wanted to get him a little something.  I went into the jewellers at one point and had a very interesting conversation with the two ladies behind the counter.  One was a young lady and the other older than me.  The younger of the two asked if the girls were pleased there was no school.  They just stared at her so I explained that we didn't do school, to which the young lady's eyes lit up and she said how she wished she had never gone to school too. 

Then the older lady piped up at this point, I was a trained teacher for 3 years and I put my boy in school as soon as I could with her nose in the air as if we were somehow beneath her.  I had to smile though as the younger lady gave the older lady a look, obviously in disagreement to her anti HE attitude.  I said how C would never have fitted in to school, it would never have brought out the best in her.  That's when her (the older lady that is) chest puffed out and said "my eldest was like that, he got a scholarship to a private school and he was to become an officer in the army."  I thought for a moment before opening my mouth and decided not to be defencive and to bring some positivity into it.  When I did she was taken back, as I said how wonderful that was, how proud she must be.  'Yes,' she said her voice weaker and less defencive.  I continued saying how wonderful it was that the school system was so successful for her son and that she had made the right decision for him.  I explained that everyone is different, that every parent must do what they feel is right for their children and added how I am pleased that not all children are out of school as the benefits would not be so great.  'Quite' she said smiling and continued how it was very nice to meet us.  I didn't fancy buying anything from them after that though so moved on to Thorntons.

I do hope that I've opened that ladies mind to the fact that different doesn't always mean right or wrong, but just different.

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