Sunday 26 February 2012

Do us HEers deserve a medal?

Wow!  I've made it to 20,000 views now! Only 9 months in I'm pretty taken back that all you people like (well, I'm assuming you enjoy it) reading my blog! 

Today's been so busy it's just flown by!  When C and N went round their friends to play HB asked to cook something.  It was lovely to hear her asking to do something other than the computer for once, so of course I said yes.  While I was busy getting a few HE things sorted first, HB, off her own back, dived into her workbook drawer and got out her maths book to do with Daddy.  That's the thing with HB if she's in the mood she can do anything, if not there's nothing that can be done with her.

We did make cookies in the end though, yummy chocolate chip ones!  Then a game of Spotty Dogs!  HB loves this game.  They used to have it at the Tots Plus group we went to and  I found this one in the charity shop for 79p!

When we were in the coffee shop today, another of the regulars came up to me.  She was asking how we get our children to behave themselves so well.  I think it's just that it's my girls have learnt to occupy themselves.  HB was doing her Harry and his Dinosaurs activity book, Little H had her No Mess crayola pens and pad and the big girls had their DSs.  I told her it's just finding something that they really like doing.  I didn't really know what to say.  Then she asked if HB, because she is the same age as her granddaughter, goes to bed well.  That's when I explained that HB goes to bed about 8pm 8:30pm but that's because it doesn't matter if she sleeps in 'til 9 or later.  Home education obviously came up in conversation when I explained I don't ever have to do school runs.  All she could say is how wonderful I was, not that I feel I am, it's just a different way of life, but before I could explain any of that she'd gone back to sit with her daughter.  Nice that I wasn't interrogated like most people do.  She did say I deserved a medal.  That I'm no so sure about at all!  My reward is super happy children.

The girls are watching Oliver! and I've finished making dinner so I'll finish now.

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