Monday 6 February 2012

Pop Art at our Home Ed group

 With my back being delicate and all that snow, I didn't much fancy pushing a pushchair loaded with supplies all the way up those hills.   As beautiful as the snow is, it can be hard work.  My girls loved it though.  HB dived in making snow angel after snow angel!  Too cold for me to stand in in for 5 minutes never mind make snow angels.
The pond was frozen over...

HB was thrilled to see a 'spotty dog' as she calls them.  She knows they're Dalmatians but there's something about dogs being spotty at the moment.

I was thinking no one would turn up at today's HE group.  It was a small turn out, but two other families turned up in the end.  With all that snow, that in itself is pretty impressive.

Today's theme was Pop Art and this is some of the kids artwork from the day:

(C made this one and calls it a Zebra Crossing... A little humour and play on words)

My lovely mother-in-law helped me get the pushchair home; she is such a star!  The girls decided to make themselves a snowman, which ended up a snowwoman once we were home.  HB insisted they had hot chocolate afterwards to warm up.  She did want marshmallows in it too to but we had none; fortunately the hot chocolate itself was exciting enough.

I was speaking to my mum-in-law about how HB isn't eating much again and about my concerns over her very lean body.  She said not to worry, I am sure she is right but I always do.  I don't mind if she's petite and eating something in the day but I've noticed her looking a lot more run down recently.  HB was listening to our conversation today, I don't know whether it was that or the fact that she helped me make the quiche tonight, but she ate the whole thing!  Not the WHOLE quiche, obviously, but the whole slice that was on her plate.  She did leave the chips but I'm happy she ate the quiche, after all the pastry is full of carbs and fat.  Usually when she helps me make dinner it makes no difference, so whatever helped, I'm super chuffed she's gone to bed with something in her tummy.

Oh and I made these jam tarts with Little H too.  Well she watched and licked the jam spoon really.