Friday 9 March 2012

BONES - free worksheet


The head
The ­_____ is like a helmet, protecting the _____ from injuries.
The rib cage
The rib cage protects the _____ and  _____.
There are ­______ pairs of ribs that make up the rib cage.  The last two sets of ribs and called floating ribs.  They don’t connect to the rib cage but directly to the spine!
The Humerus (upper arm)
Many _______ attach to the humerus, allowing ________ around the shoulder and elbow.           
The humerus is the largest bone in the upper body.
Spinal Column (Spine)
The spine protects the ______  ____.
The spine is made up of 33 _________ that allow movement.
Radius and Ulna
The hand and forearm can rotate more than ­___⁰ because of the way the radius and ulna are connected to the _____.
The Ulna forms the point of the elbow.
Hips (Pelvis)
The pelvis supports the weight of the upper ____.
A female’s pelvis is _____ than a male’s pelvis, to allow for childbirth.
Our Hands
Each hand contains 27 individual _____.
The bones make up the palm of the hand and keep the skin from sliding around.
The Femur (Upper leg)
The Femur is the _______ and _______ bone in the skeletal system.
The Femur is the only bone in the upper leg.
Tibia and Fibula (lower leg bones)
The _____ is the larger of the two lower leg bones.
The ______ helps control the movements of the ankle.
Our Feet
The bones in the feet help us to ____, balance and stay _______.
The foot bones are the fastest growing bones in our body!


WALK                        HEART                       LUNGS                       UPRIGHT             

BODY                         SKULL                        VERTEBRAE             180                 ELBOW

BRAIN                       TWELVE                    MUSCLES MOVEMENT                FIBULA

WIDER                       SPINAL CORD         BONES                      LONGEST

LARGEST                   TIBIA


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  2. Thanks for posting, we have been working though your science page and have been enjoying them and learning lots.

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    1. I missed this comment! How lovely of you to say. I hope you continue to enjoy all the projects we too have enjoyed :D