Monday 5 March 2012

Chemistry - Home Ed style!

It may have been raining!  It may have been cold! But we still had loads of fun!  We had 7 experiments in all and all were fun.  It stirred up much laughter and conversation, that is for sure!

We copper plated nails -
Some a 7 year old made today!

made volcanic explosions -

Created a bubbling concoction (the how to make your own will be posted shortly!) -

Elephant toothpaste (another experiment that I will be posting soon) -

Chromatography -

How to fit a hard-boiled egg into a bottle -

I did take a video of what happened today.  Unfortunately, I am having a little trouble downloading it.  It didn't quite go to plan, nonetheless it was rather exciting watching it doing it's best to squeeze into the bottle!

This is what it should have looked like though...

Maybe I should have used this method instead of the ripped up newspaper!

Due the cold and the rain I volunteered to go out and put on the rocket show.  Have you ever tried film canister rockets?  If you haven't you should, after showing the kids the first one all I could hear was, 'Do it again!  Can you do it again!'  How can you say no to kids when they're having such fun with science?  You can't so I did it three more times, which turned out to be twice more as one was a dud!  I was busy getting wet so I will cheat again and show you a you tube clip on how to do it...

Just so you know it was the clear one that didn't work and the black ones with the grey top that did a fantastic job.  Maybe it's just me, things regularly seem to happen differently around me!  I do however want to try it again with more water!

It was a fun day a thank you to all who came and made it as special as it was.  C is very excited about it all still and wants to spend tomorrow experimenting with what happens when you add more vinegar and does sparkling water change the effect.  I suppose we will find out tomorrow if she remembers.

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