Monday 2 April 2012

Games for learning!

Yesterday we just took it as easy as we could with an irritable baby and a very tired a whingy HB.  The big girls got the scrabble out and played a brilliant game called Potty Professors by Orchard Toys, sadly I don't think they sell it anymore, but I picked ours up in the charity shop the other week and I'm so pleased I did.  I love the way it lets the girls play independently while I'm doing something with the younger two or making dinner; the girls love the way you rub the back of the card to find out the answer and see if you got it right!  Brilliant!  I don't know if they have something similar in it's place but I'm happy with my buy: it only cost me £2.99.

Then I saw the board game I bought last week- yes, another charity shop buy- It's called The Hieroglyphs Game.  I saw it and just thought it would be a really fun way to learn a little ancient Egyptian.  I was reading on outside the box about Latin being a brilliant way of forming secret code.  The girls haven't really thought about their Latin for a while, but it got me thinking I saw this game in the shop, about how hieroglyphics are also brilliant for making codes.  The game is even better than I had even imagined.  If you or your children are linguists this is a game you should have in your home.  (I really should get paid for saying this, but unfortunately I'm not).

Sorry about the picture quality.

Today I wanted to keep it fun and light as the children aren't 100% so I found this game it's a completely free resource.  It caused great excitement as they raced around the house hunting the fact sheets.  Some how I managed to loose one, I think I hid it a little too well.

We are also going to try to make rainbows into our maths lesson today, just for fun.  I might try and invent one for animals, or even better dinosaurs for HB.  The girls, the two big ones have got rather tired of the term 'school work'.  They used to  like it but not so much any more, so now we say, we don't do school work anymore, we just learn; after all I learn and I certainly don't see it as school work!  They seem to be liking this and learning more at the moment so all is good.


  1. Hello, thanks for mentioning our Potty Professors, so glad you like it and yes, you are right I'm afraid, it's discontinued.
    We do have Magic Cauldron though which can be found at in which you also have to rub a card to see if your answer is correct. An exciting, fun game, designed to help 5-8 year olds with their addition and subtraction.

    1. That's a shame for others; I'm glad I found one at the charity shop then! Thanks for leaving a comment :)