Tuesday 17 July 2012

Reason to home educate No. 8

This is my reason number 8.  My children will never have to lug around an overweight bag of school books and what have you. I will never have to worry about them carrying it one one shoulder to keep the cool look!

I was reading in the news the other day how children are not only getting back pain from carrying their backpacks but are also developing irreversible back deformities.  Not only that but they believe school back packs are become about twice as heavy than 10 years ago.  The problem wouldn't be a problem if children wore their bag right, but lets face it what teenager going to school is going to go against the grain?  Not many of them and I certainly remember myself not listening to my mothers warning as I done the same as a teenager. 

I read in the daily mail that pupils routinely carry bags filled with heavy books, laptops, sports kit and packed lunches, which may weigh as much as two stone.
Health experts say children risk long-term and ultimately permanent damage if they regularly carry more than 15 per cent of their body weight over their shoulders.  The charity BackCare claims many youngsters are carrying as much as 20 per cent of their weight to and from school, and some up to 25 per cent.

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So yes, home educating will make it easier to watch out for much childrens' health, certainly where bags are concerned!

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  1. I can well believe those figures. We had no lockers in my day and my school bag weighed a ton. I'm sure my neck/back problems all started then as I always wore mine (on the one ) right shoulder...