Sunday 23 September 2012

Free to enter GIVEAWAY

Just to let you know we are only 8 likes away from the giveaway.  I'm not giving away jjust anything, I'm giving away some cool prizes and there's one easy step to getting the chance to win them: like my page on facebook.  Oh, yes!  What are those things well, if you don't know here they are, or if you do a little reminder...
I have two £5 Amazon vouchers out of my own money, that I am giving away as a thank you, as appreciation to all you who follow my blog and enjoy our story and the resource posts found on my blog.  I also have this stupendous give away thanks to Orchard Toys.  Orchard Toys games have to be the most loved children's board games in my house.  They sit stacked in my house, I may nearly have the full set.  They are quality and last and last.  I have even bought some from charity shops that must be at least 8 years old and they are still like they are nearly new!  One thing is more sure I don't have this one and if  I were you I would want a free one.
So if you want to be in with a chance get liking my Facebook page that you can find if you click here: An Ordinary Life's page or on the Facebook tab at the top of this page and then as soon as I reach 100 I will be pulling 3 peoples names out of the hat and the first name will receive this very cool game!

Be quick if you want the chance to win though!

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