Wednesday 12 September 2012

Making white light with Glow Sticks

This post is thanks to my friend Helen who pointed me in this direction.  Before you do begin please note that the chemicals in the glow sticks can be harmful and should be treated with care. 
It says on a link from the BBC:
However I have also learn that the fluid inside the tube in a glowstick is hydrogen peroxide and the fluid surrounding the tube contains a phenyl oxalate ester and a dye.  This source recommended not to drink hydrogen peroxide as it's a strong oxidizing agent and can cause skin burns. It also recommended not to drink phenyl oxalate ester as they suspected that would be another oxidizing agent and sometimes, dyes are carcinogenic so again advisible not to drink that either.  They may or may not be poisonous but people should respect that they are chemicals.  Chemicals that should be treated with care and you should not drink it or allow it to touch your skin.
Now we have that out of the way here is what to do -
Take a blue glowstick, a green glowstick and a red (or pinky purple) glowstick.  Pour the liquid from the inner tubes into 3 different plastic cups like this...
Mix all the colours together in one pot...


stir them together and instantly the light will turn white


Again please respect that these are serious chemicals and should be handled with great care.


  1. Glad you enjoyed making white light. We went on from white to make all the colours of the rainbow, you can make yellow and orange from those three colours!

    1. Thanks for pointing us in the direction. We'll have a go at those other colours too :)

  2. That is totally cool! we love glowsticks - will definitely be trying this one! thanks :) x

    1. Glad you liked it, I know you'll have fun with it x

  3. Brilliant. Wish you'd been here with your ideas when mine were little! x