Monday 21 January 2013

Making Ice Marbles

So Chiara saw this project in one of her magazines and I saw it floating about Facebook so we had a go and...

What you will need if you want to make your own:

  • Balloons
  • water
  • food colouring
  • a pipette (optional)
  • a freezer or very, very cold weather!

How to do it:

You can either add the food colouring to the balloon before filling it with water (the less messy method) or you can use a pipette and inject the food colouring via the opening of the balloon before tying the knot which gives a nice effect.

put the balloons in a deepish tray (like a pie dish) knots down to make for a smoother surface - a tip from a Facebook friend - then leave until completely frozen.  Ours only took overnight but were quite small (not fully filled balloons) some people might find theirs takes longer.

When they are completely frozen peel off the balloon and your ice Marbles are ready to play with.

Have fun with yours Harmonie liked it so much she had to kiss hers...

Then we left them for the snowman to play with...


  1. they are brilliant! We made some before xmas and then again a few days ago. I like your snowman too - we haven't quite made a snowman yet though. x

    1. They are ACE! :) Harmonie, my 2 year old, particularly enjoyed them. The snowman is all credit to my older 3 though :) They made the biggest snowball I've ever seen today, their daddy is using it to block our parking space so noone else can use it lol - it's stupidly heavy! That will have to be in tomorrow's blog though as I am supposed to be in bed right now :) xx