Thursday 4 April 2013

Step by Step how to make Egg carton plant pots

I love this project because it allows the smallest of hands to be both independent and successful with very little effort.

All you need will be:
  • An egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Cotton wool
  • Water
  • tin foil or clingfilm
  • Cress seeds
  • Optional - paint, pens, glue and pretty things like buttons, shells, coloured pasta shapes, glitter, feathers or anything else that is pretty and can be stuck to an egg carton.


Cut your egg carton in half with the scissors so it looks a bit like this...

Turn it upside down and decorate with the glue, paint, pens and anything pretty they want to stick on it, don't put lumpy things on the base though.
When everything has had time to dry line the inside of the egg carton (where you would normally sit your eggss) with some tin foil or cling film then get some cotton wool and fill each section with some like this.


Then water your cotton wool.  We, well my 2 year old, used a watering but you could soak the cotton wool in water and then put them in the carton, it will work just as well.

Then get your seeds...

We put our seeds in a bowl as it was easy for Harmonie to get hold of them and sprinkle them over the cotton wool herself.

she was there for a while...

When you are finished put them in a window sill and watch them grow.  I'll add a photo when her cress has grown full but wanted to share this idea with you too.  It's great if you want more cress than a single Cress Egg Head  like the ones below, but it's still a lot of fun!


  1. Liking this too. Just how many ways can you grow cress? !

    1. Oh, that would make for a fun post! I will scratch my head and think. I think I'm near enough out of cress seeds after today mind lol x