Thursday 18 April 2013

Maths: edible pictograms

Ok, so Honi loves getting physical with her maths and she hates eating her dinner (to her it seems like one of the most boring things EVER - eating that is) so I mixed the two together and came up with this idea.

What you will need:

  • Savoury biscuits like cheddars or crackers.  You could even make your own biscuits (they don't even need to be savoury, they could be sweet instead).

  • An A2 sheet with a simple table drawn out a bit like this...

  • Healthy snacks - olives, tomatoes, slices of cucumber, carrot sticks, grapes etc. You could use some assorted buttons (if you don't want to make it your dinner) or a mixture of sweets or just assorted dried fruit instead.

What to do...

If there are loads of snacks (or buttons or whatever you choose) then we might say each biscuit is worth 5 snacks or even 10 snacks.  If there aren't as many each biscuit could count for 2 snacks.

Say you are doing the rule: 1 biscuit equals 2 snacks/pieces of food.  Now say you only have one of that snack then you will need to halve your biscuit - what to do with the surplus half?  Eat it of course!

When you have finished you can eat your pictogram as well, if you like. If you want to continue to the fun maths you can eat the biscuits with the food that it represents if you decided to do it like us that is.  So if you take one biscuit from the tomatoes row you eat 2 tomatoes with it.  What do you think?  We had a lot of fun with it!

Honi enjoyed it so much she asked if she could eat lunch like this EVERY day!


  1. Lol to Honi, Eden says she wishes we didn't have to eat. There are so many other things she could be doing with the time taken! Know what she means though!

    1. My Honi is like that; eating is such a boring activity to my Honi normally. I love food and don't get it really but today certainly helped make it more interesting :D x