Monday 8 April 2013

Springtime science projects

So here are some Springtime science experiments you might like to try...

Eggs and Springtime go together, we done a few round Easter time for obvious reasons but it's not too late and it's plenty of fun.  So here is my Springtime science list of experiments to try...

How to make a fresh egg float

How to squeeze an egg into a bottle - I really should do this again soon as it's so fun to try!

Growing seeds:

Cress Egg Heads

Egg Carton Plant pots

And in Spring plants grow (well normally, we're having a strangely cold Spring this year but there is always hope so we have planted a few seeds.

Seeds for Science

How does a plant drink water?  (lettuce leaves with different colour food colouring)

Make your own Worm farm

And now the sunshine is coming out a bit more you might like to try this fun experiment too...

How to make your own Pinhole Camera


  1. With so many boys we've just got to do the worm farm! We have two compsts bins and we see a lot of worms when we empty them but a smaller version would be much more fum and easier to see.

    1. Sorry typing to fast and not checking! I meant compost bins!!

    2. Not a problem, I knew what you meant :) x Have fun with your worm farms :)

  2. Great post - I've pinned it to my science board to remind me (looooove pinterst!)

    1. Cool! Glad you like it! I haven't been in Pinterest for a few weeks now I really should go and have a peek. It does get a little addictive though doesn't it :) xx