Thursday 23 May 2013

A day indoors!

Yesterday morning started out lovely!  I mean there were a few moments between siblings but all in all a happy Wednesday morning.  The girls started with a game of Pass the Pigs - I bought Pass the Pigs in London just before we caught the train home to give the older 2 something to do, I remember playing it with my cousin when I was little.  Great for maths! 

Photo: Playing pass the pigs! :)
Honi wanted to go outside afterwards.  She said she needed more sun.  She saw the bubble wand we had made the day before and wanted a go.  Of course I said and then Harmonie wanted a go too. This caused them to squabble so I suggested Honi make her own.  She did but this time used a pipe cleaner (an idea I got from a friend Tuesday after she saw my post).  Honi loved it.  She was outside blowing bubbles for ages.  She tried shaping her pipe cleaner bubble wand into a rectangle and was rather disappointed to find that the bubble was still a sphere shape.  Harmonie joined in with her bubble wand then spirits got high and the bubble mixture made it's way all over the floor and then into the house!  That was the end of that bubble session.

Photo: Bubble time again!

Honi was in a bit of a mood after that so she played outside with her sisters.  They were out there for hours and, no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get them in.  It was nice that they were happy but I have to admit, I hated that we didn't leave the house yesterday. 

Well, they got out and played in the back, they even had playtime with friends, Honi was a little warn out by the end of the day and got herself in the most awful mood mid afternoon.    I didn't know what to do with her.  I managed to calm everything down with some science experiments!

I found out why yesterday was so hard going; last night Honi was sick everywhere.  The poor girl was very sorry for herself.  I amanged to make her laugh before she went back to sleep though.  So it looks like we won't be going anywhere today either sadly.  I'm sure we'll find some fun things to do... Hopefully!