Sunday 19 May 2013

And the Hama Bead madness continues!

That is near enough all I have to blog about.  Mind you the Hama beads did give my husband and I a little bit of a lie-in this morning as they were so busy playing with their Hama beads that they were as quiet as mice!
Today's collection...
More Hama bead madness! :)
There was a little accident.  Mine.  When I went to iron Naomi's huge Hama bead design - the one that she was most proud of, the one that filled the entire square - I didn't do a very good job and...

You can see what happened.  I did try to fix it but failed.  I was so upset because I knew how much it meant to her.  I didn't want to to get upset but it was inevitable.  I was going to make a mad dash to the bathroom and grab my shower while leaving Daddy to explain what had happened but I felt too guilty.  I confessed and she cried and I stood feeling helpless wanting to cry too.  Honi offered to make one for her to make up for it but, even though it was a super sweet kind offer, that just caused Naomi to cry more.  She had spent ages on it. 

I kind of put it down to my lack of practise with the iron.  In fact, as I was saying to Katie Pybus on Twitter today, I only ever bought an iron for Hama beading.  I haven't ironed an item of clothing for longer than I can remember (I even go to the length that I don't buy clothes that crease easily to avoid ironing).
We are all very excited tonight as tomorrow we are going to London.  I am particularly excited as I will be meeting Katie Pybus in person.  The internet is an amazing place I think.  Amazing as it is such a wonderful tool to gain knowledge and meet new people you might never meet otherwise.  My girls are very much looking forward to tomorrow's adventure indeed so I better get off of here and get ready for bed myself! 


  1. Last Christmas my boys made some with the initials of family members in to give as coasters as presents. The amount of times I've broken them ironing I cannot tell you. They also get knocked and spilt when they are waiting on the kitchen side for me to iron them!

    1. I left these on the Kitchen side until I had time to iron them too! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one with Hama bead problems lol x

      I have to say: what a lovely idea for homemade presents!