Thursday 16 May 2013

Conquering new things!

Harmonie for a while now has been very cross with the number 4.  To be precise, she has been angry every time she's tried writing the number 4 and it goes wrong - her words not mine.  But yesterday was different, yesterday she has a break through and all by herself she was writing the number 4!

How pleased of herself she was too!

Photo: Loving her workbook :)

Yesterday afternoon was a bit tense with my older two girls.  It could be on account that I couldn't stop them chatting to each other until 11pm the other night.  So out came the art.  I thought we'd do a bit about Anglo-Saxon beads...
Photo: Someone is busy painting this morning :)

It kept Harmonie entertained for ages.  Chiara got on with one of her French books so I didn't stop her, she was happy and learning after all - it involved colouring which always helps her relax.

I didn't want to leave the house yesterday.  I was feeling all dizzy and really not in the mood especially with the colder weather but I did because I had to.  It was so stressful that when we came back I put the telly on and let them watch a film: Cinderella III.
I did promise Honi that we would do another science experiment yesterday and because I keep my promises...

This was what we done and what great fun it was too!  I will do a 'science' post about it later as it makes for a really fun science lesson/project.  So on with today's adventures!


  1. Just look at the concentration and focus on your little one's face - adorable!

  2. My youngest use to get frustrated. In his head he could do what his older brothers could. It's great when they do it and you can see the satisfaction on their faces.

    1. Yes, it is! A super cute moment! :)

      Being number 4 her world is so rich in things to do but you are right, the hardest thing with my 2 youngest is the frustration that goes with it. xx