Friday 17 May 2013

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Yesterday was in interesting start.  I woke up to Honi jumping off her sisters top bunk bed and diving down onto her junior bed.  It was a Arrrgghh! moment.  Fortunately she hasn't done it since.  Children can be so scary at times!  Still it will make for some interesting stories when they're older and at least nobody was hurt.
Yesterday was a stay in day.  A slow, lets see how it goes today day.  Naomi got stuck into her workbooks at the beginning of the day as did Chiara but Honi wasn't really in the mood.  She tried Hama beads but she struggled with her short attention span.  Today she is trying again, still she has left the table about a dozen times - still she insisted on doing it. 

She has inspired her little sister though...

Hama beads

There is so much maths involved with Hama beads it's a wonderful thing for children.  I always leave ours in the drawer and wait for them to bring it out as I find when it's their idea to do something they find it so much more exciting!
Chiara worked with me on my layers of density post yesterday.  She loves proof-reading my work and got a science lesson from it too.  I was wondering whether or not we should go out yesterday afternoon.  I was feeling a little bit better but still I have the sniffles and I want to be well on Monday as we are going out somewhere special, Kev has even booked the day of especially!
We didn't go out in the end.  I caught up with a bit of housework and then we had a go at a few more science experiments.  For once it wasn't Honi who was into it, it was Naomi! I think it's because it involved ovens and food.  How that girl loves cooking.
She went on and on about making a cake.  I felt as if I should have said 'not today' but I didn't.   I hate deflating them and when they want to do something like making a cake I don't like to stop them.  Unfortunately this time it got in the way of me making dinner so the stress levels rose for a short time.  I lay on my bed, counted to 10 and then when Kev was with them while they ate their dinner I jumped in the shower. 
It surprised me how everything I was stressed about seemed suddenly so unimportant.  This silly cold, it's stuffing my brain up with nonsense!  Baby was asleep just past 8pm too.

Today there has been no jumping from the bunk beds, there has been two very tired big girls and lots of hama beading in the end.  I'm thinking of just getting out of the house and seeing how it goes: I'm not very good at staying in all day every day.


  1. I found the same with my daughter at around 3-4 years.

    However, she is now fast approaching 5 years of age and she can now pay attention for a longer periods of time.

    My 6 year old nieces are more fun as they want can copy any pattern and will spend hours with me playing Hama Beads

  2. Honi is 6 in a couple of months she just doesn't have the best attention span, her soon to be 3 year old sister has a better one - we are all different and Honi is a star in her own right. It is improving with the help of Hama beads this week so maybe I will buy some more in! :D