Saturday 25 May 2013

Preparing for a special day!

Tomorrow is my baby's birthday!  The last three years have gone so quickly.  In so many ways she is still my little baby and in so many ways she is becoming more independent.  This is the longest I've ever gone not falling pregnant again, two and a half years is my average age gap!  I must admit that, although I get extremely broody, having four little girls around me is rather busy at the moment but who knows what the future will bring...

Photo: She's still loving her playdough electronics set :)
Harmonie in the coffee shop today

Yesterday evening you may or may not have noticed that An Ordinary Life got a new logo!  I am very pleased with it.  It was designed by Joy:Design and I was very impressed, it certainly brightens the blog up nicely.  The artist, Jono, who designed this said that he was aiming for it to symbolise community interconnecting and love and warmth.  That is something I hope An Ordinary Life gives my readers.

Yesterday we also got out of the house!  The freedom of not being in the house was immense!  I met up with some friends who are really interested in the idea of home educating their little boy.  It was so wonderfully refreshing to talk to those at that point of just starting to think about it.  I love how home education is becoming more and more well know as an option and so it should be.  I mean it's not for everyone but then neither is school.

I did forget to bring the shopping list that my husband told me not to forget.  However, I did remember the Hama beads and only forgot the tea and sugar - oops.  I think somehow Hama beads wasn't a priority for my husband.  I did manage to ring him on his way home and tell him so he could get some himself!  Then we celebrated escaping the house with Pizza last night!  Oh, how I love pizza!

Today was all about my Harmonie and her birthday.  Chiara made up a pass the parcel as Harmonie wants to play party games and the girls wrapped up all the presents they bought her, all chosen by themselves.  They've handmade their cards and I left the 3 of them to decorate her birthday cake alone, they did a fantastic job, photos to ome tomorrow! 

They are all so excited for her it is so sweet.  I am so excited for her too!  I can't wait to see her face in the morning.  I expect there will be lots of bouncing around!


  1. Did notice the new logo. Very bright and warm.
    I'm sure tomorrow will be fabulous. Enjoy x

  2. Enjoy your baby's birthday. The big 3! The new logo is fab - warm and inviting like your site :-)