Tuesday 26 November 2013

Maths: Christmas Symmetry

Honi was enjoying her maths workbook yesterday when all of a sudden she got in a strop with SYMMETRY.

I have learnt, over the last 6 or 7 years of educating my girls that FUN is the most important part of learning.  When something isn't FUN any more things need to change. 
So last night I came up with a different idea...

I thought Honi just needs practise.  I think she was getting stressed because in her workbook there was only one pattern to try and she really wanted to get it right.
So I printed off loads of dotted paper which is easy enough to find on the internet and, because Christmas is coming up, I designed some symmetry patterns for her to practise.
And, because I like to share everything I do with you all, here are 3 free Christmassy downloads I created today for you all just click on the links that follow...

Christmas Tree and Star Symmetry

Reindeer and Angel Symmetry

Practise with 4 way Snowflakes symmetry

This is my first time working with PDF files, I know the quality isn't perfect yet but it'll get there.  On Facebook someone asked if there were any downloads on the internet, I couldn't find any as simple as I needed so I made these up. 

I hope those of you who use this resource enjoy it as much as my six year old Honi did.  It did work so well today.  Everytime she began to get upset with a mistake I showed her how much more practise there was.  We got out the colouring pens and made it all arty and fun.  She loved it.


  1. Thanks for the pdfs - I'm going to try these out tomorrow!