Sunday 8 December 2013

Santa and Pigs Eyes!

Yesterday we met Father Christmas very unexpectedly at Tower Ramparts.  He was so friendly and the girls just stood there in awe!  Harmonie didn't utter a word but nodded and shook her head in answer to all his questions.  Honi, as usual, was outspoken.  She slunk back a bit when he asked if she'd stopped squabbling with her sisters - I put in a good word for her and told him her heart is in the right place, to which he winked at me and Honi smiled! 

I was so taken back I forgot to take a photo, but then I'm planning on seeing him again nearer to Christmas...
When we got a bit further they were letting the children ice cakes for free as a Christmas activity.  My girls loved the novelty of doing this out side the house!
The afternoon was a little different to a usual Saturday as their Daddy went to football.  So I had some extra girly time, it seemed different being that it was the weekend.  I looked for a new jumper, Chiara was thrilled to be back in the clothes shops.  Everything was quite calm and then Harmonie screamed:
I need a wee wee!
She was bent over grabbing herself.  I panicked, rushed up the escalator (Honi wasn't scared!  so pleased) dragging the pushchair up with me and balancing, quite precariously, as I was using my second hand to hold Harmonie!  Chiara was a star and helped me with the pushchair when she realised.  
When we got to the toilets it turned out Harmonie was tricking, she didn't need a wee after all!  So we went and did some food shopping and I thought to myself: oh yes!  That is why I shop for clothes online these days!
We got back home and as I unlocked the door I exclaimed PIGS EYES!  WE FORGOT THE PIGS EYES!  Who knows what people thought if they heard me, I hope they did, what a giggle!
When we went to the butchers the girls got to watch the butcher gouge the eyes out on the spot.  I thought they'd be disgusted or have nightmares but they loved it and they stood there fascinated.  The butcher was excited to know what we were using it for, loved the idea of the dissecting and asked if I was a teach which of course led to talking of Home Education - they loved the idea. 
I got to see inside the brand new butchers!  It looked amazing!  Just like a proper butchers the sort I used to go to in Halesworth, when I lived there many years ago.  The sort you find at Jimmy's farm.  I have found my new butchers that is for sure! 
The pigs eyes are in my fridge ready for tomorrow!  So excited!
When we got home I was looking for a way to entertain the little ones when I thought of making a wreath...

I got a bit annoyed that I didn't have enough green card but not for long as I thought of the idea of painting yellow card and it looked really good and gave a bit of contrast to the other hands.  Honi loved using the stapler best of all.  She was still very proud of her efforts today.
Honi also helped me install the batteries for the new LED lights we bought.  She felt very big and at the same time was relearning about the positive and negative sides of the battery.
Today was a little slower.  WE did make these scrummy flapjacks...

and we did go into town and see the shop windows all adorned with Christmas displays...

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