Tuesday 11 February 2014

A Fun Mixing Colours Activity For Children

I loved this activity this morning. My 3 and 6 year old loved this activity this morning.  It wasn't too messy and the girls learnt something while they played!
What can be learnt?
  • The names of the colours
  • When we mix colours we make new colours.  
  •  Primary and secondary colours
  • What colours you need to make the secondary colours you want.
My girls just spent time exploring by themselves while I got myself a coffee to feed my addiction.  This is how we did ours if you fancy having a go too...

All we used was:

  • A large resealable food bag
  • Paint 2 colours at least
  • Tape we tried masking tape but electrical tape worked better.  Sticky tape should do.

Squirt 2 blobs of paint in the bag, so that they don't touch. 


Seal the bag completely and then tape it to a table.


Let your little person play with the paint by gently pushing the paint around the bag.

An extra thing to try: make letters and numbers drawing the in the paint with a finger thought the bag. Be careful not to split the bag open with nails though, we had a little tear in one of the bags today.

My 3 year old loved that red and yellow mixed together makes yellow and that hers looked like fire!


  1. As if - we did colour theory at my home ed group today! Isn't that weird:) this is a great way to do it at home.

    1. Cool! Yes, this worked well as it was novel for the girls. I am always having to think out of the box for Honi and Harmonie seems to benefit from it too. We also played with building blocks and coloured in and drew pictures. It was all very fun. Off to check out your post now Prudence... :)

  2. This is very interesting activity that can develop different child's skills. You can learn concentration, art, mixing at one time. I used to do this with my children. Here are theirs works learningjigsaw.com .