Monday, 24 February 2014

Maths: Zoo Animal Fraction game

My older two weren't too interested in the Lego Fractions game I made the other day so I scratched my head and thought of a new one.  All my girls are animal crazy so I came up with this Zoo animal Fraction game.

After trying it out once my 9 year old loved it so much that she just wanted to play it again and again and again!  I thought I would put it on here with Free PDFs to make it easy to put another game together and so all of you can have a go too!
Here is a Step by Step guide on how to make the game and the rules of the game...

You will need:

  • Card
  • Pens and Pencils
  • A ruler
  • A compass 
  • A protractor (or print of the free PDF)
First cut out 16 cards 4 - 5 cm squared or print out this free PDF file I made: zoo animal cards.

Make your spinner!  You can either print out another free PDF file I made: fraction spinner

Or, if you want another type of challenge...
  • Using a compass make a circle that has a 4.5cm Radius - this means that your pair of compasses should be opened up this far...

  • Draw your circle and then measure around the circle in 60 degree increments Draw in your lines so you have something that looks like this...
  • Then draw lines round the outside of the circle like this to make a regular hexagon...
  • The write a different fraction on each of the 6 segments you have made, like the above photo.
When you have made your spinner all you need to do is push a short sharp pencil though the centre.
Now you are ready to play the game.  So here are the rules!
  • To begin the game - Each player must spin the spinner once to see who goes first.  The one with the largest Fraction begins.
  • Place all the Zoo Enclosure cards face down on the table.
  • The first to play turns one of the enclosures over to reveal the animal and the amount of them (the number at the top of the card). 
  • The first player must then spin the spinner.  The fraction it lands on is the fraction of the enclosure they turned over that they have to work out.
  • If the first player gets the answer right they keep the card.  If it is incorrect or not a whole number answer, play moves to the next person and they must then do as the first player done.  
  • The WINNER - the winner is the person with the most cards, Zoo enclosures, at the end!
While playing this game I took to chance to talk about the denominator (the bottom number in a fraction) and the numerator (the top number). 
To work out the answer you must:
  • divide the number of animals in the zoo enclosure you have turned round
  • then times the answer you get by the numerator.

My girls liked to think of it as building up their own Zoo which I thought was an added extra to the game. 
If there is a draw add up how many animals you have all together and see who has the most.  For example if you have 50 Lions and 25 Monkeys you would have a total of 75 animals.

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