Friday 1 August 2014

Review: Branch Out World - Picture Book Explorers: DOGGER - David and Dog

I was asked to review one of the Picture Book Explorers books from Branch Out World.  These e-books are short curriculums that work with famous well loved children's picture books, they are nothing like the national curriculums, aimed at children which I personally love.  So here is the review...

If you home educate, like we do, you can use her books as a guide to your week of learning or as a rough guide.  You can also dip in and out and try her lovely ideas whenever you feel like it. It would work great for anyone, even those who go to school, wishing to support their child's educational needs further.  It can also be done as fun family projects, because the best learning is done when children don't know they are learning!

We did the Dogger one.  On the last day of our trial (we had to get Dogger back to the library but will be buying one of our own shortly) we decided to do the science part of the book. Because, as you all know, I am so mad about Science, we went a bit further and tweaked at it a little; the book inspired me to create a new science post, all about why we wash our hands with soap.  If you want to try it out click on the picture below...
Honi loved trying out all the activities inside - one morning we spent it learning about flags, one of the activities out of many.  She loved how it was about a book she could relate too.  She loved looking at the pictures and playing with the ideas from inside the activity book as we went.
When asking Honi what she thought about this e-book she answered with one word: FUN!
The book is aimed at 5-9year olds and, I felt when doing this with my six year old Honi, the guidance throughout the book makes it easy to find what is right for your child - what is right for their maturity and ability
Inside this book covers:
  • Geography - map work and flags and learning about geographical areas.
  • History - what life was like in the era the book is written in.
  • Art History
  • Social studies
  • Literacy - from learning about the Author to adjectives and descriptive writing.
  • Art - About the artist as well as 3 other great art projects to try.
  • Maths - the maths was great fun, I am still looking forward to trying out the bunting project too which is one of the four maths projects to try (which included a YUMMY recipe).  I do love the way the maths is very hands on in this book, Honi even learnt a bit about how brackets work.
  • Science - As I have already said, inspiring for me.  Her experiments are fun but still includes the technical terms to get children used to scientific vocabulary.
There are printables at the back of the book to make any lesson planning easier which is great for when you're not in the mood to make up your own projects.
If you are a home educator I recommend this as a good buy - it is such good value for money and so lovely to see something different out there other than all those national curriculum things.  I love how the Picture Book Explorers series use such beautiful books to work with too.  Picture Book Explorers is a very lovely series and I feel very blessed to have had the chance to review this.
I have been asked to give a completely honest review of what I think of these books. All of these opinions are mine.  All I received in return for this honest review was the book itself.

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